Colorful Spring

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I was last sunday out with friends. We did many photos and I thought why don’t I experiment a bit with photoshop ;P

At first I was kinda inspired from the “How I met your mother” opening …hahh I love this show ;P.

I had the whole evening for these D;
well you see how many photoshop layers I need for one pic!!!:

Garten City

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So, a short documentary about our Garden City Project —>

It’s a project from the city zürich. My school got application for 4  Flowerpots …
First we had a competition in our class. The best designs should be realised. We had 2 winners! Lea for her pillow-bolster -pot and Nisrin for 2 illustration solution. I decided to work for Nisrin because I liked her designs and wanted to work with colors and stuff.

We had at first some start troubles. But It turned out quite well! 😛
I’m such an idiot! I didn’t photographed Nisrin’s sketches ahhhh!

Work on the orginal pot. We had 2 Days for this!!!!–^

we worked with polyester. A very toxic glue? And fiberglass. We had a lot of troubles with it. It isn’t that toxic but your skin gets red…it like when you touch a nettle. (Brennessel) We had gloves but they didn’t help a lot D;. Anyway I don’t want to go in to the details but it was bothering us a lot! We told the teacher about our problems but he scolded us as always lol.”

1. version,
we didn’t like the sky
much better!!!

and now the final product!!!

The pot will stand in the restaurant “Lipp” at the Bahnhofstrasse this summer!

phwew. We had I think 3 weeks for it? And at first we were only a group about 5 Persons! At the end the other group helped us  :P.


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Hey. I’m kinda busy right now.
Later I post a documentary about our “GardenCity” Project. I think the group I’m in will finish it this weekend lol. …no no I hope we finish it this friday!!

Okay a short entry about …”Member Cards” and “Business Cards”

I entered a competition. I had to design a member card for a newspaper…. okay I did it in 2 hours  …because the deadline was the day after I started lol.
I think I didn’t win but I want to share my ideas!

And then some business cards I made at school.

wierd english but it’s late D;8

Color & Lights.

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I did this work in december 2008. I looveeed it.
It was a great time for me because I learned a lot about light mediums and how you use them.
I didn’t knew that you can play with lights and foil and other stuff to create so nice moods!

my favorit ;P a very cold atmosphere.

First Post!

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Hello Hello!
Sooo, my second Blog!
I want to blog my works and experiences e.t.c …
I’ll try to write in english because I have to learn this language for my future?, don’t really know. I think some german in it won’t be bad …and alle the other languages I speak …like züri dütsch and luzerner dütsch ;D *cough*

Mh I want to get a Tattoo! But I think I’m not a tattoo type D;!
Anyway I worked a bit with Photoshop.
I’ts very easy! You only have to put the picture you want to get as tattoo to multiple
The artworks I used for my tattoos are from Nanami Cowdroy! She’s awesome and one of my idols 😛

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